Seller Services


An Example:

George M. is an extra virgin Olive Oil producer in South Europe. He has just completed an expansion at his bottling factory in order to provide private label products. He was mostly selling to local buyers and has very few exports to other countries. He has all the right certificates, accreditations and has tripled his production in order to boost his business. Now all he needs is more serious Buyers.

Our Approach:

Our vast network of potential buyers includes Distributors, Major Super Market Chains, F&B Hotel Suppliers and Restaurateurs. We gather all the right data from George, in order to create an intriguing and informative brochure for the potential buyers. We then contact all of the potential buyers in order to gain interest in the product. When we have reached a number of interested parties we present a report along with potential quantities and delivery schedules to George.

The next step we take is to send out samples along with all the necessary information to each party so we can start negotiating. George has set his pricing and Terms and Conditions. Once the buyers have met them or negotiated to a point where an agreement is mutually accepted, George can begin production.

George has also asked us to arrange Logistics for the shipments. Our logistics partner will receive his products, prepare different shipments and send out orders according to details provided.

Agreements are being made and an added bonus, we have negotiated for George to receive 60% of the funds required up front and the rest 40% to be held in escrow until the order has been delivered. George is certain that he will be fully compensated for his products and can now safely continue doing his business.