Buyer Services


An Example:

Marc L. is a wholesaler of Food Products based in Europe. He has had a growing request for a number of Asian products. He doesn’t have the time or the resources to do research and find the right suppliers. He has turned to us in order to provide him with the products he needs. He is looking to secure a variety of 35 different food products, all at different quantities with different delivery schedules in a period of 12 months.

Our Approach:

Firstly we research through our database of trusted suppliers and our partner network. Requests will be made to all Sellers. The sellers then provide product brochures, specifications, certificates, terms & conditions and Pricing. A report is made, categorized into different sellers and products are presented to Marc, along with our comments are recommendations.

When the right Suppliers and products have been identified, we proceed by starting negotiations in order to gain the best available terms for Marc. Marc and the sellers  have come to agreement after 2 rounds of negotiations. Since this is the first time Marc is doing business with these sellers, Marc has instructed us to complete due diligence on the suppliers before he proceeds by signing any agreement. Within 20 days, we have visited the sellers, created reports for each one and we brought back samples for each product. Marc is satisfied with the products so he confirms the first order.

The terms that are agreed upon are a 50% down payment for preparation of the order and 50% upon shipping.  In order for Marc to be certain that the products will arrive safely and as requested it was finally agreed, that 50% will be sent for the order to commence, while the other 50% will be held in escrow and released when the Shipment reaches the Port of his Choice and is quality checked.